Do you ever feel tired at work?

For millennia, mankind has been guided by the rhythm of the sun. Unlike artificial light, natural daylight changes throughout the day. Modern offices block out natural daylight, which severely disrupts all of our biorhythms.



  • HEAVN – making you more productive with smart office lighting

  Meet HEAVN. The first smart, connected, healthy light.


     HEAVN supports the natural biorhythm and can help improve your health in the long run. 


     Easy personalization of the daylight length and favourite sun location with the HEAVN app. 


     The ideal colour temperature supports your productivity. 

Created in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Roenneberg from the Ludwig Maximilians Universität München and researchers at Technische Universität München.

Sun Colors. Coffee Button. App. API. 

Based on the latest scientific findings, we have built a product with a full spectrum closely resembling the sun, an app to customize it and an API for third-party integration.
And if you ever feel tired, press the Coffee Button to get a 30 minutes boost of energizing light.